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Caring Hands Village Almost Home housing/lodging for healthcare patients and their families Healing Nature, Peace and Tranquility

 Located near Charlotte, NC
Caring Hands Village is a non-profit organization that provides housing/lodging and services to patients and their families as they go through medical treatments and recovery, whether it is long term or short term.
Caring Hands Village is here to provide healing through Nature, Peace and Tranquility. 


  1.  We first stayed at a motel which was too confining and having to eat out all meals was just not healthy and very expensive. Therefore we moved to a long-stay-motel with a small kitchen so we could cook healthier meals but the room cost went up. Thinking about what yet was to come and noticing how dirty and germy motels are, we knew we would have to find an alternative once Jim was transplanted. We found a rent house, cleaned it up as sterile as possible. Soon after Jim was blessed with his transplant. We got our cost down to a reasonable level but had to pay for two houses, one in Tennessee and now this one. Thank goodness we rented our Tennessee house and our insurance covered $100 per day up to a $10,000 limit. 15 months later we are still in Charlotte due to blood tests every week. We expect to leave for home March 2016, therefore this ended up being a 44 month ordeal. I was determined to use my knowledge, experience and compassion to help others get their chance to receive the best care possible. Thus the vision of Caring Hands Village, a non-profit organization dedicated to the long term ill patients who deserve a second chance at life! " - Sarah Jones 

The Story Behind Caring Hands Village

  1. Caring Hands Village non-profit organization was founded by Sarah Jones. She first became a caregiver after her father had a heart attack, over 25 years ago.  Shortly thereafter, her best friend was diagnosed with stage 4-breast cancer.  Sarah took care of her until she made a full recovery.  Sarah's mother was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, which resulted in a brain tumor. Sarah was her caregiver until she passed.
    Sarah's husband Jim was diagnosed with Kidney cancer.  He was later diagnosed with End Stage Liver disease.   Short visits ranged from 3-5 days, every 60 to 90 days. As the severity increased, she realized relocating was the only choice in keeping up with the hospital visits. Thankfully, after a long journey, Jim was blessed with a Lifesaving Transplant in February 2014.Through Sarah’s personal experience, she realized that something was desperately needed in the healthcare community. It is not uncommon to have further health related issues arise, that require longer stays than anticipated. Staying at hotels can be confining, costly, stressful and often unsanitary.  Sarah came up with the idea for a service to not only helped the patient, but also the caregiver and the family.  A village to accommodate the patients and families that are visiting the region, for short and long term medical reasons. So Caring Hands Village non-profit organization for housing/lodging healthcare patients was born.


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