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We are a nonprofit organization 501c3 tax deductible, focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With a small charitable donation, we can save so many lives. By raising awareness for the need of housing, not just at the hospital, but before and after as well. 
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Po Box 25633 Charlotte, NC 28229 Please make out Donation checks to Caring Hands Village and include your phone number or email within the envelope so we can personally thank you and notify you when the check has been deposited.This service does not require donors to share financial information. The DONATE button gives the options via Paypal using a  Personal Card. If you hae any questions please contact us.If someone is hosting a fundraiser in our name, please authenticate by contacting one of the contacts listed.Please be aware of people using our name to scam you out of money, the only two ways we collect donations will be by mailing check or money order to P.O.Box or donate button. Please do not give any personal information or payments to anyone that is not listed on our website.Jonathan Jones - Director of Business Developmentjonathanjones@caringhandsvillage.orgSarah Jones - Presidentsarahjones@caringhandsvillage.orgCARING HANDS VILLAGE  OFFICERSBe a part of our dream to help those in need of our services. 100% of donations go towards the development of Caring Hands Village.All donations are greatly appreciate more than words can express.Please send all donations to the address provided or use our Donate button.Please reach out to us if you have any questionsDONATIONS

14 years after Transplant

  1. Gives all of the ones going through this journey HOPE!!! Look at this man! Cancer Survivor along with 14 yrs out of Liver Traansplant and still loves and lives life to the fullest!

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